Into Film Festival

Into Film Festival

As part of the Into Film Festival, Year 3 visited Cineworld to watch Ice Age: Collision Course.

Below, you can read a few of their remarks about the film.  

The children were impeccably behaved and a pleasure to be with!

Ice Age: Collision Course was about a lot of mammals on the ice.  There was a weasel who was hilarious!  We thought the film was brilliant: we were amazed at how good it was.  We liked the bit where the squirrel in the space ship kept losing his nut!  Also, the bit where we had a look inside weasel's brain.  (Leah & Connie)

Our favourite part was when weasel catapulted himself. (George & Chase)

We thought it was brilliant! (Matthew & Charlie)

It was all about a meteor coming to blow up the Earth.  (Joseph)

I liked the weasel because he saved the egg. (Leon)

There were lots of mammals in the movie that kept bumping into each other.  At the end, there was a squirrel who kept getting jammed in the door! (Ben)

I liked it when Sid the sloth said "But-a-bing-but-a-boom" and then a meteor hit him.  They had to stop the meteor by putting crystals in a volcano. (Malakai)

It was very funny.  Our favourite parts were when the mouse was in zero gravity and when the mammoths got married.  (Ciana & Isabel)


By Mr Frost on November 10th, 2016


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