Suffolk Day 2017

Suffolk Day 2017

What a splendid day we have had celebrating our wonderful county!

At the end of the day, we gathered for an assembly to hear about what each class had been up to:-

  • Early Years learned all 5(!) verses to Twinkle, Twinkle which was written by Jane Taylor of Lavenham.  They made Suffolk rusks in cooking.
  • Year 1 also made rusks as well as designing farms and producing some Southwold based art.
  • Year 2 looked at the story behind the proposed flag for Suffolk.  In addition, they studied some pictures and thought about how they represented great things about the county.  They recorded facts too and ended with a quiz.
  • Year 3 have had a Suffolk theme throughout the day.  In Maths, the children visited Suffolk attractions and used their addition skills to calculate the admission prices for various combinations.  Alongside this, small groups made Suffolk rusks to put their measuring skills to the test.  In English, they wrote either a diamante or acrostic poem about their favourite Suffolk location.  To help with this, the children have been bringing in photographs, research and items linked to a location throughout the week.  After lunch, they enjoyed an introduction to orienteering with a Suffolk theme: the children used their map skills to navigate between different Suffolk towns and villages.
  • Year 4 produced some art inspired by Maggie Hambling's sculpture in Aldeburgh.  In the afternoon, they went on a walk to explore typical Suffolk beaches and habitats.
  • Year 5 studied photographs in preparation for writing a leaflet to showcase the county.  After lunch, they produced paintings inspired by Gainsborough.
  • Year 6 have researched coastal erosion and got hands-on in an investigation centred around Dunwich. 

We are already looking forward to Suffolk Day 2018!

A few photos below:-


By Thomas Frost on June 21st, 2017


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