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  1. Year 3 Science

    By Thomas Frost on May 2nd, 2017

    Year 3 Science

    In our Science topic - 'How does your garden grow?' - we have been learning all about plant growth. Linked to the idea of seed disperal, we have investigated the question: 'Do heavy paper-copters stay in the air longer than lighter ones?' The …

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  2. Antarctic Exploration Day

    By Yvonne Chatt & Sarah White on January 18th, 2016

    Antarctic Exploration Day

    EYFS & Year 1 had an 'ice time' investigating what it would be like to visit Antarctica. Children discovered what it would be like to live in a frozen environment.  Pictures on the EYFS & Year 1 class page.

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  3. Electrifying Science in Year 6!

    By Sarah Bozier on October 3rd, 2015

    Sparky Scientist Mission 3 This week Year 6 completed their third sparky scientist task in order to earn the prestigious title of Junior Electrician. If they successfully pass each mission, then a certificate will be presented to them at the end of …

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  4. Samuel Pepys

    By Helen Clarke & Thomas Frost on May 23rd, 2014

    Samuel Pepys

    Inspired by Samuel Pepys, Year 1 have been busy buring pieces of cheese!  When Pepys thought his own house was in danger, he dug a hole and buried an expensive Parmesan from Italy because he wanted to keep it safe.   The children have been …

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  5. Science Day goes off with a bang!

    By Sarah Bozier, Science Coordinator on March 21st, 2014

    Science Day goes off with a bang!

    A pair of mad scientists, Professor Chaos and Crazy Casey, visited Kingsfleet to celebrate Science Day. During our whole school interactive ‘Whizz Bang Show’, the energetic duo performed a number of small experiments on stage which were all …

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  6. Egg-citing Science!

    By Sarah Bozier on March 14th, 2014

    Egg-citing Science!

    Egg-citing Science!   Mr Extreme Egg finally plucked up the courage to try parachuting this Thursday lunchtime. With Miss Bozier loading and reassuring the eggs and Mr Frost up the ladder, Year 6 had a cracking time testing their 'Quest' …

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  7. Forensic Science Workshop

    By Thomas Frost on November 21st, 2013

    Forensic Science Workshop

    Year 5 had a fun and fascinating time participating in a Forensic Science Workshop, run by PULSE and hosted by Felixstowe Academy.   The aim of the workshop was to inspire, innovate, motivate and engage children at an early age into Science and, …

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  8. Egg-citing Science!

    By Thomas Frost on November 12th, 2012

    Egg-citing Science!

    Year 6 had a cracking time this afternoon, as they tested their homework 'Quest' creations.   The children had been challenged to create a parachute which would bring an egg safely to Earth. Many were egg-static when their egg landed intact. …

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  9. Learning Together - Science

    By Mrs Farrow on July 13th, 2012

    The third of our series of 'Learning Together' sessions focussed on Science. Children in Early Years and Year 1 explored, with their parent/carer, a range of activities designed to extend their scientific thinking.    

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  10. Year 3 & 4 - Teeth

    By Thomas Frost & Wendy Rayner on December 2nd, 2011

    As part of their Science topic on 'Teeth and Eating', year 3 and 4 have enjoyed a visit from the school dental nurse, Mrs Wykes.  One focus of the topic is the importance of dental hygiene - the children have developed an understanding of plaque …

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