Children should be reading regularly to an adult at home.  Please record, as appropriate, in their new reading journal. Year 4 children should be able to decode confidently and read aloud with fluency, expression and pace. Adults should now encourage them to deepen their comprehension of the text. Some ideas for talking with your children are included in the centre pages of the new Reading Record.

New for this year is an initiative to encourage all children to read more regularly to an adult. Children who have read four times in the week (as evidenced in their reading journal by dated and signed entries by an adult) will be entered into a draw. One lucky child, each week, will win a book.


Times tables are set every Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Active Learn games and practise materials will be set each week. These on-line activities practise the key mathematical skills being taught in the week and are levelled appropriately for your child.


By the end of Year 4, all children should have learned, and be able to confidently spel,l the statutory spellings set by the government. These are in the centre pages of the new Reading Record.

Please see the spelling letter sent home that covers the new approach to spelling for Year 2 to Year 6. Spellings will be taught several times a week in class and a spelling list will be sent home each week which covers either some of the statutory words or words that follow the spelling rules we have been learning. Please note that these spellings will not be tested in school - but could be tested at home if you think this would be appropriate. Spelling progress will be made more quickly by those who learn these spellings at home in addition to the spellings we are learning in class. 

Spelling folders should be brought to school every day so that children can practise their spellings if they have some spare time.They must be in school every Friday.