Who's Who

Team Kingsfleet

For September 2017

Our most recent Ofsted report highlighted the strong, dedicated team driving us forward.

Kyrsty Beattie


Safeguarding: Senior Designated Professional

Science Coordinator

Early Years Foundation Stage

Yvonne Chatt

Early Years Foundation Stage

Art Coordinator

Key Stage 1

Sarah White

Year 1 (Mon-Wed)

PSHEE coordinator

Helen Clarke

Year 1 (Thurs & Fri)

Rebecca McCarthy

Deputy Headteacher

Year 2

Safeguarding: Alternate Senior Designated Professional

SENCO & Numeracy Coordinator (KS1)

Key Stage 2

Thomas Frost

Year 3

Numeracy (KS2) & Music Coordinator


Wendy Rayner

Year 4

Literacy & Religious Education Coordinator

Lesley-Ann Wheeler

Year 5

Humanities Coordinator

Clare Varden

Year 6

Support Staff

Sam Brinsley

Teaching Assistant (Year 5)

Laura Baalham

Breakfast Club

Dawn Harding


EATS Catering

Sue Hudson

Teaching Assistant (Year 4)

Chris Kendall


Sarah Mitton

Breakfast Club

Katy Morrish

Teaching Assistant (Years 3)

Gill Papworth

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Speech & Language

Susie Ramsey

Teaching Assistant (Year 1)

Hilary Robinson

Office Administrator

Sharon Roper

Teaching Assistant (Year 4)

Hannah Sainsbury

Teaching Assistant (Early Years)

Pebbles After School Club

Belinda Sheehan

Teaching Assistant (Year 6)

Pebbles After School Club

Emma Young

Teaching Assistant (Year 1)

Sue Wilson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Year 2)


Members of the Governing Body